Committed to developing our people and their future

Current vacancies at Cooper Associates

Client Relationship Manager

We are looking for a Client Relationship Manager to join the professional, busy team at Cooper Associates Wealth Management.

We offer those who strive to succeed a meritocratic environment in which they can prosper

We are committed to developing our people and helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations. We will develop, support and mentor our individuals and in return, we expect them to deliver.

Cooper Associates places great emphasis on recruiting only the highest calibre of individuals. Our fast-paced environment is driven by those within it and we are always interested in individuals who fit our culture.

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Committed to you

We have extensive experience, expertise and resources to develop a rewarding career within Cooper Associates.

Committed to you

In return, our expectation is commitment, hard work and a determination to succeed.

Committed to you

It’s these qualities we value the most, and success almost inevitably follows.

Committed to you

For those who join us, our employment package is designed to support your progression and success.

Here are just some of the distinctive benefits we offer:

  • Unlimited holiday allowance.
  • Generous pension scheme.
  • Bonus and incentive schemes for all employed roles.
  • Lifestyle Allowance; we want our team enthused when they are in the office. That’s why every month, our individuals take a lifestyle morning or afternoon to do exactly what inspires them, in our time.
  • An additional day’s holiday for each individual to celebrate their birthday.
  • Use of our company gym.
  • Generous allowance for sick pay to support individuals when they need it most.
  • Full financial support for any appropriate industry qualifications. In addition, 10 hours of study time per month awarded to those undertaking qualifications.